Wisconsin Stem Celll Now

Who We Are

About Us

Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc. is a not-for-profit, grassroots organization fighting on behalf of the millions of Americans in Wisconsin and across the country who are currently suffering from serious debilitating diseases.

We are comprised of Wisconsin residents of all backgrounds — Democrats and Republicans, clergy and lay persons, doctors and patients — all united in support of advancing scientific research using stem cells without distinction as to how they are derived.

We are a proud member of the Stem Cell Action Coalition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

1. educate the public concerning the promising scientific advances in the field of embryonic stem cell research, adult stem cell research, induced pluripotent stem cells and cell reprogramming, and

2. advocate on behalf of the public funding of all forms of medical research, including embryonic stem cell research, in Wisconsin and other states.

We believe this research holds the key to unlocking cures for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, macular degeneration, spinal cord injury, stroke, MS, lupus, neurological diseases and multiple other life-threatening conditions.

Impressive scientific breakthroughs have already been made, but continued public support of this important research is necessary.

Board of Directors

We are governed under the direction of a Board of Directors.

Our Advisory Committee provides the Board with expertise on medical, ethical, and public policy issues.

Listed below are the members of the Board of Directors as of October 2010.

Board of Directors

Edward Fallone
George “Chip” Morris
Linda Roberts
Allegra Roberts

Contact Us

Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc.
4230 N. Oakland Ave. #249
Shorewood, WI 53211-2042

Our email address is:

A note on this mission statement: Since its founding in 2004, the positions taken by Wisconsin Stem Cell Now, Inc. in public advocacy and in the interviews and materials located throughout this website have consistently advocated on behalf of all forms of stem cell research without distinction. It has never been the position of Wisconsin Stem Cell Now to advocate only on behalf of embryonic stem cell research. Language that could be misconstrued has been modified to make that clear.

We have no paid staff, and no resources other than our conviction that medical research should be guided by scientific evidence rather than religious or political pre-dispositions. We have no paid lobbyists and no paid “legislative affairs” staff. Our website and communications are not as “polished” as the efforts of many of the groups that specifically seek to spread misinformation about embryonic stem cell research to the public. If our strong defense of embryonic stem cell research has led some people to misconstrue our position, that was certainly not our intent.

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